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After 5 - Interior Design

A great little project showing how you can transform a utility room into a stylish entertaining area with minimal cost.

I knew I was good hands from the get-go when Juliet’s response to my “please help me with this complete disaster zone”.... was “OMG what an AMAZING space!!!” I’ve never been particularly skilled at anything to do with interior design. Juliet helped me realise that I actually have quite distinctive tastes and preferences. This in itself was enlightening. What Juliet managed to do with our basement area, on a shoe-string budget I might add, was nothing short of incredible. She reconfigured the room using what furniture we had, and then took it next level with the use of cushions, rugs, lighting, plants and mirrors. The room was literally recreated, giving us a gorgeous family-friendly space that is literally a breath of fresh air. To say my expectations were met is an understatement, to say they were exceeded still doesn’t cover it. Juliet truly is an interior magician!! I highly recommend her and her magic wand. Get in touch with her today!!

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